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A new level of softness in this luxurious bedding and towel set from Nile home, take a look now 

" Nile Home" The Three F’s

№ 1 Fibre

Cotton quality depends on fiber length – longer fibers make a more uniform, resistant, and smoother thread.

Thread count measures threads per square inch and produces various results of texture and breathability. The higher the thread count, the less airflow; thus, sateens sleep warmer than percale.

№ 2 Finish

The hand, or silkiness, of fabric, is not a result of thread count, but rather the finishing process – a treatment to the woven fabric to increase durability or shine.

Frette fabrics go through a patented finishing process to create a super smooth and lustrous finish unlike any other.

№ 3 Feel

Feel is the texture and weight of the finished product, determining its best use. The best bedding material is one that feels comfortable to sleep in depending on the weather, the surroundings, and body heat.



"Nile Home was born from the vision of a farsighted entrepreneur, with more than thirty years of manufacturing experience, and a company that represents excellence in the textiles sector." 

The project is being realized in the country where the river Nile creates the ideal environment for growing the world’s best cotton." 


Bring in the marketplace the best quality-price ratio product where customers are looking for experience, recognition, and trust.


Defining our Identity through the support of physical, digital, and human tools in order to deliver the best home textile products together with a unique experience